Stan McCarthy **

1913 - 1967

Stan McCarthy was a lifelong railroad enthusiast. His particular interests included photographing
and filming steam locomotives during the 1950's and 1960's. He's known by railroad enthusiasts
in Missouri for his involvement in starting up the local chapter of the NRHS during the 1950's.

Stan had quite a collection of Kodachrome slides and 8 millimeter film documenting the last of the
steam locomotives along such scenic routes as the Rio Grande and logging camps in Mississippi.
Stan often took his family for car trips around the country, sometimes waiting for hours
at certain locations, just to get that perfect shot of steam in action.

Stan McCarthy was born in Harvey, ND. His father, Ray, was a boilermaker repairing
steam locomotives. With this early influence, Stan developed a lifelong love for the railroad
and a particular appreciation of steam locomotives. After awhile, his family moved
to Hamilton, IL where Stan's father went to work for the TP&W.

Stan married his only wife, Wilda, in Hamilton. He moved his family to Jackson, TN
where he began work as a railroad tie inspector. The McCarthies raised three sons.

During WWII, Stan moved his family to Springfield, MO to work for the Frisco
as a draftsman. Stan also sold candy to his fellow co-workers. Known as "Candyman"
by locals, he decided to leave his job at the Frisco to start his own vending business.
Stan was featured in a vending industry magazine during the early 60's for his
efforts to place vending machines on passenger trains.

Upon his passing in 1967, much of his collection was sold.
Some of
the collection was distributed to his sons.


Our thanks to Stan's grandson, Rodney McCarthy, for this bio.

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