Alan Miller ***

Born 1942

Alan grew up in Glendale, very near Glendale Tower (SP/Pacific Electric crossing)
and a block from the Glendale Station. With the SP mainline virtually across the street
from his home, he witnessed the end of SP steam and early generation Diesels.
Taylor Yard was a couple of miles away so he was able to cover the diesel scene
from day to day while in high school and very frequently while attending UCLA.
Alan began taking Kodachrome slides in 1957 and is still at it in 2010.
He has traveled and chased trains in all 50 states and over 40 countries.
Alan's first love is steam but since there's not much around now
he's quite happy to be trackside for diesel and electric action. 
A semi-retired public finance investment banker, Senor Miller now
lives in Santiago, Chile with wife Gloria Paschen and son, Sebastian.

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