Theodore Shrady **
Modesty prevented Ted from considering himself a rail photographer or journalist.
Evidently the world of rail publishing doesn't agree with him.
In the last ten years, he's had three dozen articles published in
The Passenger Train Journal, Vintage Rails, Trains, and Classic Trains.
This is simply Ted's way of sharing his memories with others.

Ted worked for the New York Central from 1964 to 1968,
carrying a system-wide pass good even on the 20th Century Ltd.
Much of his writings came from numerous journeys across the
country. As he says: “It was free on the Central and half rates on others.
It was a game to take off on journeys Friday night as long as I could get
back to work on Monday... most of the time. Cameras always went along.”

Ted's b&w photos date from 1955 to the mid-1960's when he
switched to color. At 65, he just missed The Golden Years.

Ted recently completed his latest book,
“The Sleeping Car - A General Guide,” done in conjunction
with the ACL-SAL Historical Society. He also co-authored
“The Orange Blossom Special with Arthur Waldrop.

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