Linn H. Westcott ***
1913 - 1980

Linn Westcott contributed enormously to the hobby of model railroading.
Linn was editor of Model Railroader magazine for 16 years.
He began in 1934 and contributed over 100 feature articles,
many track plans, drawings, photographs and nearly 200 editorials.
The eight booklets that he published sold nearly 2 million copies
and influenced at least that number of eager young railfans.
In 1996 Mr. Westcott was given the honor of being elected
to the “Pioneers of Model Railroading.”
Linn attended Carleton College in Minnesota and married Harriet Kron in
1939. They had three children, Paul Arthur, Russell Linn and Jane Westcott.
Source: Betty W. Acker, Historian, 2000
Our thanks to Linn’s granddaughter, Samantha J. Westcott

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