Gary Widell **
Gary shot his first slides in 1954, the year he graduated from high school.
His family moved to California in 1952, so his early slides show lots of SP steam,
Pickering and West Side Lumber, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Fe, UP (including lots of steam
from Grand Island to Ogden), D&RGW slim gauge, and some CN, CP, PGE from 1956.
Gary says “The summer of 1957 was a fantastic time for me. I spent it at my grandparents’
home in NJ, within earshot of PRR K-4s.” He covered PRR, N&W, and B&O steam in OH
before traveling back west. On the way, he filmed action on GTW, CB&Q, FW&D, and UP.
Then Gary made a career of railroading. Starting at Pullman Standard, he also schooled at night,
receiving his MBA from Univ of Chicago. Afterward, he went to work for Rock Island,
eventually moving onto the staff of the Sr VP - Operations and Maintenance.
In 1975 he moved to Amtrak's Equipment Engineering Dept, then Trinity Ind. in Dallas.
Since 1982, he's been self-employed, consulting for the AAR Research & Test Dept,
Nippon Sharyo (a passenger car manufacturer), iRail and others.
Gary lives near the charming, historic town of Shepherdstown, WV, on the former N&W
Shenandoah Valley line. He joined Pacific Railroad Society in 1954 (#17 out of 600 members)
and plans to put on a program for PRS in 2004, the 50th anniversary of his joining!
He also collects rail, ship, and airline china, so maybe you’ll see him at transportation collectibles shows.

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