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T H E - I R O N B O U N D

This is a progress report in pictures as of August, 2014

Layout Tour

The Ironbound RR is a fictional urban terminal railroad set in the 1950-1960's,
during the
final days of the steam-to-Diesel era. The Ironbound was
featured in the February
2012 issue of Model Railroader, and was
the cover and featured article in
O Scale Trains, #34.

The name Ironbound derives from an actual section of Newark, NJ
which was surrounded by the heavy rails of the Pennsylvania Railroad,
the Jersey Central Railroad and Lehigh Valley Railroad.
It was primarily an industrial area in the older section of the city.
Here are a few scenes on the Ironbound model railroad:

Newark Broad St. Station

Trailer-Train Loading Facility

NEW! Wiss Scissor Factory (abandoned)

NEW! Fire Station

NEW! Geiling Chemicals Tank Yard

NEW! The Ol’ Marsten Place

NEW! “Fish Bowl” Bus

NEW! White Castle Parking Lot Scene

NEW! Ironbound Tower

Western Electric

The Meadow’s Wetlands

NEW! Bayside Bathers

New Engine Yard Sanding Facility

E'port Light (Elizabethport Lighthouse)

2-8-0 Camelback on Turntable

Beautifully Seedy Hotel

CNJ “Babyface” Baldwin

Here's a wide view of the commercial area of town.
Here we find an interesting array of older stores and businesses. This model
area is
just 18" deep by less than four feet wide, showing that with a little
imagination you can do quite a lot in a small space, even in O scale!

The Ironbound's reason for being is simple: interchange with The Pennsylvania RR
and CNJ from their freight lines running through the industrial section of Newark.
Freight is distributed to a number of industries such as the
Dutch Boy Paint Factory,
which lie along our very urban line, weaving its way through the
back yards of the
Ironbound section, under the
New Jersey Turnpike, parts of Kearny and
Elizabethport (E'port to Jerseyans).

The Ironbound TRACK PLAN (Revised)

Overhead view of one layout section

Take a fun YouTube video trip on the Ironbound

The Ironbound hosts limited CNJ passenger service at the Railway Express Agency Depot
which also serves as a modest
passenger station for commuters who work in this area.
The Jersey Turnpike runs over top of the Pennsylvania RR freight line in background.

This afternoon, a handful of passengers await the four-times daily CNJ RDC which
provides basic passenger service to the
East Newark Station via Ironbound tracks.
Across the tracks from the Station is
Betty's "Flying Saucer" Diner, where diners
see plates, cups and saucers fly across the formica counters night after night.

In the small engine yard, just beyond the old concrete coaling tower (now used
as a sand hopper), an ex-Rock Island SW1200 idles in the small loco shop
enjoying a bit of well-deserved maintenance by the night shift crew.
After work, the crew often heads over to The Clam Bar, where the
pool table is pretty flat and Julie the barmaid, well, isn't.

Trains run behind old town structures, well out of sight of tower operators, so it's
not unusual to find train crews who might be working late shifts making unauthorized
stops at
the local White Castle. Or maybe running into the soda fountain for
something sweet. Like Marion, our good-lookin’ neighborhood sweater girl.
My guess is the crew spotted our camera and wisely will wait till they get to
Zak's for vittles. Then there is the corner hang-out for the enthusiastically
unemployed. Let's not even get into
McGinty's and its wicked upstairs!

Rolling stock on the Ironbound:

Trailer-Train Flat with Load

~ RDCs (modified MTH with on-board battery powered)
ALCO chop-nose RS3
CNJ Covered Hopper

~ Double-door automobile boxcar now used for MofW
~ GE heavy-duty depressed-center flat car with transformer load
~ Ironbound's
150-ton wreck crane (the battered gondola was scratch
        built by
Carl Munck
a number of years ago)
~ Ironbound engine yard
~ Ironbound transfer caboose
~ Unique SW1200RS "cow & calf"
~ Dupont tank car

Here's a wider view of the industrial yard area. The massive Western Electric
plant appears in the center background. The Kearny Steel Fabricators building
stands like a rusting hulk on the far left, dwarfing Ironbound Tower which controls
the over-all traffic movement in the rail yard. In the foreground, little Newark
Terminal Rwy
GE 45-tonner with side-rods brings ties to the track gang, whose
work is never done in this busy yard. Our old pal
Humph and his dog Duke
man the elevated crossing shanty protecting Railroad Ave. That's Humph's
immaculately Simonized '49 Ford parked behind the tower.

One of the oldest customers served by the Ironbound is Debski & Sons Scrappers.
A look at
Debski's inventory reveals a landscape of angles, twisted metal and rust.
The Clambucket makes quick work of loading scrap metal into waiting gondolas.
The sun is setting in more ways than one on Geiling Chemicals,
another industry which contributes its share in creating that
unique Ironbound atmospheric bouquet which, on a summer
day seems thick enough to spread on your bagel
A closer look at Geiling
reveals how some Geiling employees
like to live dangerously, throwing all caution to the wind.

Life around the Ironbound:

Fishing on the Hackensack
~ Track Removal
~ Junkyard Dog
~ Roofers

~ NEW! Three Guys
~ Street Work
~ Checkers
Lenny, Wilbur and Spike
(our loyal railfans)

If you were around back in the day, remember what a thrill it was hearing the
jingling bells of the
Good Humor truck comin' down your street, and mom or dad
would treat you to your favorite ice cream? Mine was the creamsicle. And look at
that hobby shop window! A sale on Lobaugh model trains. Now that's what I call
the good ol' days!
Leave it to the Newark Police to know the good pizza joints.
They like
Piancone's Pizzeria so much they put their station right next to it.
There's something almost sexy about a dump truck ...don't you agree?

Farther on down the street, near the venerable Mt. Olive Cemetery, you can
get your '55 Crown Vic gassed up at
Nick's friendly Texaco Station.
Nick will cheerfully fill your tank, clean your windshield and check your tires
all for under five bucks! Here's a view of the
same corner after hours.
Nick's closed for the night. And I'll take my cue from that.

Come back again, we add more Ironbound pic's as soon as somebody shoots 'em!

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