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Dozens of available CNJ subjects listed below.
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Prints: Faithfully detailed and artfully produced for train lovers by life-long railroad
enthusiast Andy Romano. Found in private collections, rail museums, and publications.

Original Edition hand-signed art prints, not reprints or photographs
Museum quality 24x17" heavyweight cold press watercolour paper
• Large image 20 x 13” with wide margins,
highest quality dyes for longevity
• Not typical glossy mass-produced commercial poster/prints

• No more than 12 prints in First Edition of each subject
Each print individually produced, signed and shipped by the artist

To View images not linked on the list below, eMail request to: aroman@trainutz.com
include item name and number.
Please request no more than five items to limit file size.

Prices: Prices will be included in replies to your inquiries. Most are about $64 per print,
some lower,
a few higher, plus shipping. Discounts for multiple purchases.
We accept PayPal or Postal Money Orders only.

To Order: Email item name(s) and code numbers to: aroman@trainutz.com
You will receive a reply including total price and simple payment info.
Please include your name and mailing address for Priority Mail delivery.
If you wish we’ll send you a PayPal Invoice to make paying easier and simpler.

Shipping: Shipping-Insurance-Tracking is $8.95 per item with shipping discounts
for orders of more than two prints. Sent via Priority Mail
anywhere in U.S. We do
not ship outside U.S. Production of your print will begin as soon as your payment
is received. Production takes about two days including drying time.
Prints shipped
rolled, with
glassine slip-sheet in heavy white tube for maximum protection.

Comments from buyers: “A stunning print!”  “If you like his art online you will not be disappointed!”

“Beautiful work!" 
“Exactly as described, very well done, bombproof packing, fast ship, nice!”

“Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you...this painting made my day! Superb Seller!”

C U R R E N T L Y   A V A I L A B L E   P R I N T S :
some have image links some do not, but all are available - contact the artist

CNJ 4-6-2 Blue Comet at Lakehurst, NJ (R14-120)

at PRR Crossing in Elizabeth, NJ (R15-204)

Baldwin Baby-Faces at Roundhouse (R14-104)

CNJ Tangerine F3 at Stegmaier Brewery! (R15-198)

CNJ Art Montage – all the great symbols of the CNJ (R16-267)

4-6-0 Camelback at Sea Bright! (R16-243)

CNJ 4-6-0 1920-era Camelback at Chatsworth, NJ (R17-333)

CNJ 4-6-4T “Suburban” Tank Engine at Elizabeth (R16-303)

F3s at Elizabeth, vertical format (R15-185)

F3s at Cranford (R15-222)
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GP40P on Aldene Ramp (R19-424)

CNJ Red RS3 Wreck Hulk! (R21-521)

CNJ Vintage Alco HH600 Switcher at Hoffman Bottling Plant (R22-602)

CNJ Manhattan Ferry Terminal Scene with CNJ Boats (R16-300)

CNJ 1503 Baldwin on Newark Bay Bridge (R19-436)

CNJ 4-6-0 Camelback crossing Old Atlantic Highlands Trestle (R15-173)

Red Baron SD40 with rare Liberty herald on nose (R14-151)

#1000 Boxcab at Bronx Terminal (R15-197b)

CNJ #1001 Davenport Switcher on Car Float near Bronx Terminal (R21-547)

CNJ 1006 EMC “SC” near General Pencil Co. (R16-290)

CNJ 1529 GP7 Crossing Cheesequake Creek Bridge (R16-299)

SW1 Bridge-Crossing Scene at Neshantic (R16-244)

SW1 #1009 Near E’port Shops (R16-262)

ALCo RSD4 Snow Storm Scene (R16-242)

CNJ Budd RDCs on Massive Newark Bay Lift Bridge (R15-231)

GP40P with the “Jersey Builder” in Snow! (R15-232)

Alco HH Switcher Near Ballentine Ale Factory (R15-198)

CNJ Alco HH600 Switcher at Hoffman Soda Factory (R22-602)

2-8-0 Camelback at Old Colgate Plant in Jersey City!  (R14-166)

4-6-0 Camelback at Long Branch (R14-110)

Baldwin Twin-Cab on Seashore Branch at Highland Beach (R14-121)

Baldwin Baby-Face at Hampton (R15-191)

CNJ #72 at High Bridge, NJ Depot (R17-324)

#2001 Baldwin Twin-Cab at JC Terminal (R15-200)
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H24-66 Train Master at Barber, NJ (R16-247)

CNJ #54 F3 “Tangerine” Paint Scheme (R17-314)
(see this image at top of page)

CNJ Mythic ALCo PA1 in “Tangerine” Paint Scheme (R17-316)

Blue F-M H15 at Elizabeth Station (R16-252)

CNJ RS3 on Southern Division (R14-154)

CNJ GP40P Passenger Train Action Scene (R18-407)

F-M Train Master with Manhattan Skyline (R14-112)

0-6-0 Camelback working brewery (R14-118)

RS3 in dramatic Oil Refinery Scene (R14-113)

2-8-2 Mikado passing Bayonne Station (R13-102)

CNJ 2-8-2 Mikado at East Penn Junction (R14-160)

Caboose at Sunset Scene (R15-211)

CNJ H24-66 Train Master on Communipaw Curve (R16-277)

Baldwin RS12 on Turntable (R15-238)

CNJ Baldwin RS12 on large Transfer Table! (R18-401)

CNJ “Red Baron” RS3 running on L&NE (R18-396)

CNJ Baldwin “Baby-Face” Sunset Scene at Cranford (R16-284)

CNJ GP7s at Easton Station

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CNJ ALCo RS3 at E’port (R18-397)

#1546 RS3 fresh “Red Baron” paint (R15-217)

CNJ 1700 at Treichlers, NJ (R16-268)

CNJ RS3s near Romer Shoal Lighthouse (R16-274)

Baldwin “Baby-Face” Freighters at old Wheaton Glassworks (R14-170)

CNJ Budd RDC's at old Newark Airport Station (R15-177)

Tug Boat "Sandy Hook" passing Statue of Liberty (R14-111)

SD35s at High Bridge Yard (R14-103)

CNJ “The Rail Fan.” She’s a beauty! (R18-408)

Baldwin Switcher Working at Fanwood (R15-227)

CNJ Caboose and RSD4 at Jim Thorpe PA Station (R14-164)

F-M H15 departs Jersey City Passenger Terminal (R14-139)

GP40 Crossing Raritan River Swivel Bridge (R14-128b)

CNJ #1525 GP7 in snow scene! (R14-158)

CNJ 254 “American” Crane Scene (R17-317)

CNJ 150-Ton Wreck Crane and Work Train (R18-417)

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Special commissions may be considered.
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