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A N D Y   R O M A N O

500+ available subjects listed below...love your favorite railroad!

Prints: Faithfully detailed and artfully produced for train lovers by life-long railroad
enthusiast Andy Romano. Found in private collections, rail museums, and publications.

Original Edition hand-signed art prints, not reprints or photographs
Museum quality 24x17" heavyweight cold press watercolour paper
• Large image 20 x 13” with wide margins,
highest quality dyes for longevity
• Not typical glossy mass-produced commercial poster/prints

• No more than 12 prints in First Edition of each subject
Each print individually produced, signed and shipped by the artist

PRINT SIZE IMAGE  (this shows relative size of prints)

To View images not linked on the list below, eMail request to: aroman@trainutz.com
include item name and number.
Please request no more than five items to limit file size.

Prices: Prices will be included in replies to your inquiries. Most are about $64 per print,
some lower,
a few higher, plus shipping. Discounts for multiple purchases.
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To Order: Email item name(s) and code numbers to: aroman@trainutz.com
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not ship outside U.S. Production of your print will begin as soon as your payment
is received. Production takes about two days including drying time.
Prints shipped
rolled, with
glassine slip-sheet in heavy white tube for maximum protection.

Comments from buyers: “A stunning print!”  “If you like his art online you will not be disappointed!”

“Beautiful work!" 
“Exactly as described, very well done, bombproof packing, fast ship, nice!”

“Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you...this painting made my day! Superb Seller!”

C U R R E N T L Y   A V A I L A B L E   P R I N T S :
some have image links some do not, but all are available - contact the artist

A&R Aberdeen & Rockfish GP18 with freight train (R18-378)

A&D Atlantic & Danville Alco RS2 (R22-573)

ACL Atlantic Coast Line E6 at Orlando Station (R14-134)

ACL Atlantic Coast Line Alco C628 (R19-459)

AC&Y Akron, Canton & Youngstown F-M H16-66 bridge scene (R18-403)

ARR Alaska RR Vintage RS1M #1078 (R16-263)

ALCo American Locomotive Co. Gold C628’s Demonstrators on Southern Pacific (R22-613)

ALCo American Locomotive Co. PA1 Demonstrator on Lehigh Valley RR (R16-294)

ALCo American Locomotive Co. PA1 Demonstrator Close View (R22-602)

ALS Alton & Southern Alco RS2 (R20-516)

AMERICA’S FREEDOM TRAIN (1947) ALCo PA1, Patriotic (R16-285)

AMTRAK GG1 in Silver/red Paint Scheme (R19-438)

AMTRAK GG1 Passing Hunter Tower with Passenger Train (R18-412)

AMTRAK “MetroLiner” in Early Paint Scheme, Dramatic View (R23-624)

AMTRAK “ACELA” action scene on The Corridor (R21-562)

APACHE Railway Alco RS36 (R22-592)

AT&N Alabama, Tennessee & Northern Rail Car #5 (R20-492)

AA Ann Arbor RR ALCo FA2, Harbor Scene (R16-261)

AT&SF Santa Fe E1 at San Diego Station  (R14-116)

Santa Fe E8 Night Train, beautiful! (R15-195)

AT&SF Santa Fe F-units at Pueblo, CO (R16-308)

AT&SF Santa Fe FT’s in First Paint Scheme (R17-351)

AT&SF Santa Fe FT-A in Blue paint scheme (R17-335)

AT&SF Santa Fe #37-C Warbonnet F7 with Passenger Train (R18-368)

Santa Fe ALCo PAs, Night Scene (R15-234)

AT&SF Santa Fe GP30’s bold scene (R18-391)

AT&SF Santa Fe 4-6-4 ”Blue Goose” (R21-570)

AT&SF Santa Fe GE U30CG Warbonnet (R20-472)

AT&SF Santa Fe Alco PA at Riverside Depot (R18-409)

Santa Fe GE “Dash-8” Warbonnet 8-40BW (R20-470)

Santa Fe 4-8-4 at Lamy (R16-249)

Santa Fe Alco PAs Race Wild Horses (R15-202)

AT&SF Santa Fe Alco PA at San Diego Station (R20-473)

AT&SF Santa Fe #50 Their Only ALCo DL109! (R16-291)

Santa Fe ALCo “Alligator” Action! (R14-169)

Santa Fe ALCo PA1 Beautiful close-up of nose! (R15-196)

AEROTRAIN, Dramatic Scene on NYC Detroit, Revised Edition (R20-500)

A&StAB Atlanta & St Andrews Bay F3 with Passenger Train (R16-275)

B&A Boston & Albany 2-8-2 (R20-519)

B&A Boston & Albany–CV Central Vermont, Palmer Crossing (R17-363)

BAR Bangor & Aroostook Ry BL2 vintage scene

BAR Bangor & Aroostook Ry 34 vintage GE 600 hp Switcher (R20-517)

B&LE Bessemer & Lake Erie F7s Steel Mill Scene

B&LE Bessemer & Lake Erie Alco RSD15 Bold! (R18-410)

B&M Boston & Maine 6000 “Flying Yankee”

B&M Boston & Maine E7’s at Greenfield, Mass (R17-326)

B&M Boston & Maine Autumn Leaves Scene with Blue Caboose (R14-135)

B&M Boston & Maine 2-6-0 on Covered Bridge (R14-167)

B&O Baltimore & Ohio Vintage E-units, Vertical Format (R14-132b)

B&O Baltimore & Ohio Vintage E-units Station Scene (R21-541)

B&O Baltimore & Ohio EM-1 2-8-8-2 Wow! (R20-468)

B&O Baltimore & Ohio Steam with Coal Train (R14-131) DISCONTINUED

B&O Baltimore & Ohio EA Streamliner, Thomas Viaduct (R17-323)

B&O Baltimore & Ohio F7 with “sun rays” paint design (R18-383)

        Contact the artist for images, pricing, etc

BCH BC Hydro Ry Steeple Cab Scene (R18-366)

BCR British Columbia Railway M630 at Lilooet, BC (R17-342)

BRC Belt Railway of Chicago ALCo C424 Action Scene (R17-330)

BRC Belt Railway of Chicago ALCo RS2 (R21-560)

BN Burlington Northern ALCo C415 Steeplecab Switcher (R19-454)

BN Burlington Northern ALCo C425 Action Scenic (R16-256)

BN (still in CB&Q Red) GP35 Action Scene (R23-621)

BN Burlington Northern “Grain Train” Colorful Scenic (R20-496)

BN Burlington Northern ALCo C636 in Rain

BNSF Dash-9-44CW (R16-302)


CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Streamlined E5 Close-up! (R14-155)

CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy “The Caboose” (R19-463)

CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy GP20 Near Grist Mill (R15-179)

CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Original “Zephyr” at Omaha (R16-301)

CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy SW1 “Way of the Zephyrs” paint (R17-334)

CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Red GP30’s Action Scene (R17-315)

CB&Q Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Red GP35’s Action Scene (R21-524)

CGW Chicago Great Western Ry, F7’s (R17-338)

CGW Chicago Great Western Ry, GP30s (R19-439)

CHESSIE (B&O) GP40-2 at Quinnimont (R15-207)

CHESSIE (B&O) GP30, beautiful paint! (R21-520)

CHESSIE (C&O) SD18 and Little Girl with Cat!

CRR Clinchfield RR SD40 (R17-337)

CRR Clinchfield RR F’s with Coal Train (R22-606)

C&IM Chicago & Illinois Midland SD9 with Coal Train (R18-381)

C&NW Chicago & North Western F7 Dramatic Bridge Scene (R21-523)

C&NW Chicago & North Western ALCo DL109 action scene! (R15-174)

C&NW Chicago & North Western Alco DL109 Close-up (R22-610)

C&NW Chicago & North Western F-M H16-66 at Car Ferry (R18-371)

C&NW Chicago & North Western H-Class 4-8-4 action scene (R18-388)

Chicago & North Western E6 (R20-476)

C&NW Chicago & North Western Alco S1, Flagman Scene (R20-482)

C&NW Chicago & North Western Alco FA Station Scene (R22-576)

CN Canadian National ALCo PA1s Demonstrating in Canada (R15-235)

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio SD18 action view! (R15-181)

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Turbine (R20-481)

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-6 “Allegheny” at Thurmond (R16-269)

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-6 “Pusher Action!” (R18-379)

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio L-1 4-6-4 “Yellow-Belly!” (R19-431)

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio E8 at Louisville Station (R18-376)

C&EI Chicago & Eastern Illinois vintage blue/orange F-units (R16-289)

C&EI Chicago & Eastern Illinois GP7 (R22-589)

CAGY Columbus & Greenville Baldwin DRS6-4-15 on Trestle (R21-553)

CA&E Chicago, Aurora & Eastern Interurban (R20-495)

CN Canadian National Alco/MLW RSC24 (R21-572)

CNJ Jersey Central RR: click here for CNJ subjects!

CNS&M North Shore Line “ElectroLiner” Snow Scene (R15-236)

CNS&M North Shore Line Elevated Station Scene (R21-527)

CNS&M North Shore Line “SilverLiner” Snow Scene (R19-423)

CNS&M North Shore Line #456 Steeplecab Snow Scene (R19-443)

C&S Colorado & Southern 2-8-2 at Wheatland (R16-272)

C&S Colorado & Southern #9955 E5 at Colorado Springs (R18-393)

CofG Central of Georgia E7 Vintage Paint, Passenger Train (R18-413)

CONRAIL RS11 close-up being fueled, vertical format (R15-184)

CONRAIL Alco C630 Blue (R20-501)

CONRAIL Caboose and Brakeman Scene (22-595)

CONRAIL Alco C636 dramatic dead black (R21-550)

CONRAIL SD45 Blue (R20-511)

CONRAIL E33 Electric in Blue (R20-506)

CONRAIL #6361 Colorful Sunset Action Scene

CP Canadian Pacific ALCo C630, Snowy mountain scene (R17-352)

CP Canadian Pacific H16-44 at Logging Car Float Dock (R16-296)

CSS&SB South Shore Line Boxcab Electrics, rainy day scene! (R15-183)

CSS&SB South Shore Line Interurban at Michigan City (R18-380)

CSX “Sally” a beautiful girl on a handsome new CSX Diesel (R20-515)

CV Central Vermont 2-8-0 Nice Snow Scene (R15-223)

CV Central Vermont–B&A Boston & Albany, Palmer Crossing (R17-363)

        Contact the artist for images, pricing, etc

D&H Delaware & Hudson ALCo C628s at Starrucca Viaduct (R16-273)

D&H Delaware & Hudson ALCo RS2s with Passenger Train (R19-444)

D&H Delaware & Hudson ALCo PA, Passenger Train, Boston (R17-348)

D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande ALCo PAs 1st Passenger Run (R14-122)

D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande ALCo PA with “Mountaineer” (R17-322)

D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande ALCo PA Super Close-Up (R22-605)

D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande K36 Narrow-gauge 2-8-2 (R15-239)

D&RGW Denver & Rio Grande Krauss-Maffie Diesel-Hydraulic (R20-477)

DL&W Lackawanna FTs with freight train (R15-199)

DL&W Lackawanna F-M H24-66 Train Master at Hoboken (R21-526)

DL&W Lackawanna FTs at “Tip-Top” Bread Factory (R18-402)

D&NE Duluth & North Eastern 2-8-0 Dramatic Steam Action

D&S Durham & Southern Porter 80-Ton Center-cab Diesel (R22-615)

DSS&A Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic, RS1 Ore Dock Scene (R17-354)

DT&I  Detroit, Toledo & Ironton GP40 at Malinta OH (R19-450)

DW&P Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific, Budd RDC Scene (R19-427)

DW&P Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific ALCo RS18 (R21-565)

EJ&E Elgin, Joliet & East’n BiCentennial SD38-2 (R21-552)

EJ&E Elgin, Joliet & East’n Baldwin “Shark” and Transfer Loco (R17-350)

EPCL El Paso City Lines Car Barn Scene (R16-292)

ERIE ALCo PA and F3’s

ERIE ALCo HH600 working at vintage freight depot (R18-385)

ERIE Vintage Alco/GE/IR 300hp Boxcab Diesel #20 Switcher (R22-612)

EL Erie Lackawanna 3661 Huge SDP45 Action Close-up (R14-147)

EL–D&H Erie Lackawanna, Delaware & Hudson, Starrucca Viaduct

Erie Lackawanna RS3 River Crossing (R15-237)

EL Erie Lackawanna C425 (R18-373)

EL Erie Lackawanna SD45 (R20-512)

EL Erie Lackawanna ALCo PA’s on Starrucca Viaduct (R17-319)

EL Erie Lackawanna RS3 at Marion OH (R19-422)

EL Erie Lackawanna Alco PA1 at Port Jervis (R20-491)

FEC Florida East Coast E3 Vintage Paint Sceme, at Miami (R17-320)

FEC Florida East Coast BL2  in Vintage Scarlet Paint (R22-614)

FDDM&S Ft Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Electric #352 on Bridge (R17-358)

FW&D Ft Worth & Denver (Burlington Lines) E5 with Texas Zephyr (R18-416)

FW&D Ft Worth & Denver (Burlington Lines) F7s action! (R21-566)

GB&W (KGB&W) Green Bay & Western Alco FAs Snow Scene (R15-229)

GANO Georgia Northern FTA #14 (R16-305)

GE General Electric Special “More Power to America” ALCo PA1-PB1 (R22-604)

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio ALCo DL109 with The Rebel

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio E7 with Passenger Train

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio GP30s Action Scene (R19-465)

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio #1900 One-of-a-Kind Ingalls Diesel

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio “Little Rebel” Streamliner (R16-250)

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio ALCo FA1 Close View at Jackson (R16-298)

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio ALCo PA1 Night Train (R17-312)

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio GP38s Action at Springfield, IL (R16-260)

GM&O Gulf, Mobile & Ohio “One Beautiful Rail Fan” (R18-418)

        Contact the artist for pricing, etc

GN Great Northern F’s with Empire Builder at Puget Sound

GN Great Northern FT and FA2 Engine Yard Scene

GN Great Northern GP9P Orange Passenger Diesel (R22-583)

GN Great Northern “Big Sky Blue” F7 (R19-442)

GN Great Northern Streamlined Electric with “Empire Builder” (R18-372)

GTW Grand Trunk F3’s at Durand, MI (R17-349)

ICG Illinois Central Gulf “Paducah Geeps” Scene (R17-353)

ICG Illinois Central Gulf SD45 (R21-569)

IC Illinois Central Original 1930s “Green Diamond” (R14-168) (see below)

IC Green Diamond

IC Illinois Central Original ALCo C636, orange-and-white paint scheme (R17-346)

IC Illinois Central Original  E6 “City of Miami” paint scheme (R14-107b)

IC Illinois Central Original  E6 with the “Panama Limited” (R17-347)

IC Illinois Central Original  4-6-2 “Panama Limited” on Viaduct (R14-141)

ITC Illinois Terminal #71 C-Class Electric, Snow Scene (R16-288)

ITC Illinois Terminal Co. #300 Streamliner! (R18-374)

ITC Illinois Terminal Co. ALCO RS1 (R21-555)

IHB Indiana Harbor Belt NW2, green “Lightning” paint (R20-508)

KCS Kansas City Southern E6 Streamlined Diesel #25 (R21-539)

KCS Kansas City Southern E3 Streamlined Diesel (R15-172b)

KCS Kansas City Southern, Vintage Alco HH1000 (R23-622)

KCS Kansas City Southern GP30s (R21-557)

KCS Kansas City Southern F-M “Erie-A” (R20-490)

L&HR Lehigh & Hudson River RR Alco C420 at Warwick

L&HR Lehigh & Hudson River RR RS3’s at Lehighton (R21-522)

L&N Louisville & Nashville grey/yellow E6 at Passenger Station

L&N Louisville & Nashville Yellow-nose C628 Scenic (R19-451)

L&N Louisville & Nashville SD40-2 with Coal Train (R22-586)

L&N Louisville & Nashville E6 Bridge Scene with Passenger Train (R22-587)

L&N Louisville & Nashville Alco FA1 “Yellow-nose” (R19-430)

L&NE Lehigh & New England Alco FAs at Paulinskill Viaduct

L&NE Lehigh & New England ALCO RS2 (R21-558)

LV Lehigh Valley RR #606 ALCo PAs Passenger Train Scene

LV Lehigh Valley RR ALCO RS3’s Working Hard (R14-149)

LV Lehigh Valley RR John Wikes 4-6-2 with Passenger Train

LV Lehigh Valley RR ALCo C628 “Snowbird” at Elmira

LV Lehigh Valley RR “Final Duties” (R19-437)

LV Lehigh Valley RR GP9 at South Plainfield (R19-447)

LV Lehigh Valley RR Dramatic Baggage Car Loading Scene (R19-420)

LV Lehigh Valley ALCo PA1 and PRR GG1 at Weequahic, NJ (R18-367)

LV Lehigh Valley RR 2-8-2 at Steel Mill  (R14-144)

LV Lehigh Valley RR SW1 Switching at Lionel Train Factory!  (R22-603)

LV Lehigh Valley RR Trio of Red Alco C628’s (R22-598)

LV Lehigh Valley RR Alco C420 on Bridge over PRR. Graphic! (R20-513)

LV Lehigh Valley RR Tug Boat, New York’s Upper Bay Scene (R17-359)

LVT Lehigh Valley Transit Interurban Scene (R16-283)

LIRR Long Island RR RS3 with Orange “Swirl,” Station Scene (R17-313)

LIRR Long Island RR Alco C420 Orange/grey “Swirl” Paint (R19-446)

L&NW Louisiana & North West F-units with Pulpwood Flats (R16-286)

LS&I Lake Superior & Ishpeming ALCo RSD15 “Alligators” (R18-382)

Contact the artist for images pricing, etc

MA&PA Maryland & Pennsylvania NW2 Bridge Scene (R22-594)

MEC Maine Central F3 with Passenger Train (R19-449)

MC&CL Mason City & Clear Lake #53 Boxcab Electric (R17-311)

M&StL Minneapolis & St Louis Alco RS1 (R21-538)

M&StL Minneapolis & St Louis FTA-B-A (R21-540)

MILWAUKEE ROAD E7s Vintage “Hiawatha” Train Scene

MILWAUKEE ROAD 4-4-2 “Hiawatha,” snow scene! (R19-426)

MILWAUKEE ROAD 4-6-4 “Hiawatha” Revised Edition (R20-504)

MILWAUKEE ROAD Alco RSCs Sunset Action Scene

MILWAUKEE ROAD E-5  “Bi-Polar” electric (R21-563)

MILWAUKEE ROAD ES-2 Electric Switcher at Grainery

MILWAUKEE ROAD ALCo DL109 with the “Hiawatha” (R17-361)

MILWAUKEE ROAD Fairbanks-Morse “Hiawatha” Diesel (R16-287)

MILWAUKEE ROAD “Joe” Twin-cab Electric at Deer Lodge (R17-357)

MILWAUKEE ROAD “Joe” Twin-cab Electric at East Portal (R15-218)

“The Towerman’s Daughter”

MILWAUKEE ROAD “The Towerman’s Daughter” (see above) (R19-421)

MKT Missouri–Kansas–Texas ALCo PA’s in Action (R14-157)

MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas Baldwin Red AS16M (R19-461)

MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas “Scenic Line,” humorous! (R22-585)

MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas Hybrid RS3m, green/yellow (R20-509)

MN&S Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern DT6-6-24 (R21-554)

MONON Red/grey F3s with Passenger Train (R21-534)

MONON F3s Action Scene

MONON Alco C628’s (R20-474)

MONON F-M H15-44 (R20-498)

MONON F3 at Lafayette

MONON F3 with Passenger Train, Snow Scene (R17-327)

MONON BL2 with Passenger Train (R20-475)

MONON ALCo C420 & BL2 at Linden, IN (R18-392)

MRY Monongahela Ry Baldwin Sharks Pass Steel Mill

MONCON – Monongahela Connecting RR ALCo at Steel Mill (R14-153)

MP Missouri Pacific E6 with Passenger Train

MP Missouri Pacific SD40 (R20-486)

MP Missouri Pacific Alco PA “Colorado Eagle” Scenic (R20-499)

MP Missouri Pacific 1-of--Kind “Eaglette” Streamlined Railcar (R23-623)

MP Missouri Pacific E6 and Steam Loco, Station Scene (R18-411)

NC&StL “Dixie Line” F7’s (R22-597)

NdeM (Nacionales De Mexico) 2-8-0 Narrow-gauge at Ozumba (R16-306)

        Contact the artist for images pricing, etc

NEW HAVEN EP-5 #372 in McGinnis Paint (R17-355)

NEW HAVEN EP-5 on Hell Gate (R14-119)

NEW HAVEN Budd RDC-A The “Roger Williams” (R19-458)

NEW HAVEN “Dan’l Webster” Experimental Lightweight Streamliner (R22-618)

NEW HAVEN ALCo DL109 in pinstripes, action scene! (R15-175)

NEW HAVEN “The Comet” Goodyear-Zeppelin Streamliner

NEW HAVEN ALCo “Black Maria” Demonstrator (R17-329)

NEW HAVEN “McGinnis” ALCo PAs (R16-281)

NEW HAVEN #0767 Alco PA1’s Orange Paint Passger Train View (R22-619)

NEW HAVEN Alco FA1’s (R22-588)

NEW HAVEN “McGinnis” FL9 (R21-537)

NEW HAVEN GE U25B’s (R21-525)

NEW HAVEN Orange Alco PA1 #0766 at Springfield Towers (R22-611)

NEW HAVEN EP-4 Electric with Passeneger Train (R17-318)

NEW HAVEN EF-4 with Coal Train on LIRR (R19-453)

NY&LB New York & Long Branch GG1 South Amboy (R16-276)

NYC New York Central Lightning F-M C-Line crossing trestle (R14-136)

ew York Central 4-6-4 Dreyfuss Hudson action scene (R14-105)

ew York Central Aerotrain (R14-124)

NYC New York Central P-2a Electric in Lightning Stripes (R17-309)

NYC New York Central “Shark” BLW RF16 in Lightning Stripes (R22-608)

NYC New York Central ALCo PA’s at Willow Creek (R17-325)

NYC New York Central “X-PLORER” Experimental Train (R20-484)

NYC New York Central ALCo FA2, under dark skies, scene (R17-356)

NYC New York Central #4000 E7 passenger train action scene (R18-384)

ew York Central L3a 4-8-2 Mohawk close-up! (R15-193)

ew York Central E8 at Buffalo (R15-220)

NKP “Nickel Plate” ALCo PAs at Chicago, Pabst Beer Sign!

NKP “Nickel Plate” RS3 (R20-471)

NKP “Nickel Plate” RSD12 stripes! (R20-510)

N&W Norfolk & Western E8 Passenger Train, snow scene (R17-331)

N&W Norfolk & Western Alco RSD12 in Blue (R20-469)

N&W Norfolk & Western Steamer Crossing Arch Bridge

N&W Norfolk & Western “Jawn Henry” Turbine (R21-528)

N&W Norfolk & Western GE High-nose U30B (R21-531)

N&W Norfolk & Western GP9 Action (R22-593)

NS The Old Norfolk Southern Red Baldwin AS416s (R19-456)

NS The New Norfolk Southernern GE 44-9W (R21-532)

NP Northern Pacific F7’s Scene (R14-159)

NP Northern Pacific Green F7s with passenger train (R21-561)

NP Northern Pacific FTA&B (R19-455)

NP Northern Pacific ALCo RS11’s at Superior (R19-419)

NYO&W New York, Ontario & Western FT’s
(R14-161) (see below)


NYS&W New York, Susquehanna & Western RS1 Fairview, NJ

NYS&W New York, Susquehanna & Western “Susie-Q” Boxcar (R21-568)

NYS&W New York, Susquehanna & Western C430’s snow scene (R18-377)

OREGON ELECTRIC RAILWAY Steeplecab Scene (R18-370)

PCC Peabody Coal Co. “Big Hog,” Giant Shovel! (R17-360)

PENN CENTRAL and PRR E-units at South Amboy

PENN CENTRAL/AMTRAK GG1 Action at Metuchen, NJ

PENN CENTRAL GG1 in 1973 (R18-400)

PENN CENTRAL “Brakeman” artful scene! (R18-404)

PENN CENTRAL #9999 GE 44-tonner (R21-564)

PENN CENTRAL Alco RS27 with Rare “Red P” logo (R22-609)

PENN CENTRAL ALCo RS11 with Trailer-Train (R19-425)

PENN CENTRAL ALCo C630 near steel mill (R18-395)

PENNSYLVANIA RR E3-C Experimental Electric (R22-607)

PENN CENTRAL E-33 Electric (R20-514)

PENNSYLVANIA RR E-44 Electric, the “Brick” (R17-344)

PENNSYLVANIA RR P-5 Electrics, Scene (R17-345)

PENNSYLVANIA RR BP-20 Street Running Passenger Train

PENNSYLVANIA RR N-5 Caboose “Sleepy Brakeman” Scene

PENNSYLVANIA RR E7’s at Juniata Geo Westinghouse Bridge (R22-620)

PENNSYLVANIA RR “Broadway Limited” Streamlined 4-6-2 (R15-224)

PENNSYLVANIA RR E8 at Englewood, IL (R16-307)

PENNSYLVANIA RR Alco PA1s Station Scene (R20-507)

PENNSYLVANIA RR J-Class 2-10-4 Close-up! (R18-389)

PENNSYLVANIA RR Baldwin “Centipede,” Horse Shoe Curve (R16-246)

PENNSYLVANIA RR Baldwin “Centipede” Portrait (R20-494)

PENNSYLVANIA RR K-4 4-6-2 at Harborside Terminal (R19-433)

PENNSYLVANIA RR 2-10-0 “Decapod ” (R19-434)

PENNSYLVANIA RR Lima 2500hp Center-cab Transfer Diesel (R22-574)


PENNSYLVANIA RR Baldwin Shark with Coal Train

PENNSYLVANIA RR GG1 4903 Penn Sta Newark
(R14-133) (see below)


PENNSYLVANIA RR GG1* Passenger Train Action at Edison, NJ
Large print on stretched canvas (R13-001)

PENNSYLVANIA RR J1 2-10-4 Steam Scene (R15-215)

PENNSYLVANIA RR T-1 at Chicago’s 22nd Street Bridge (R16-280)

PENNSYLVANIA RR S-1 Class 6-4-4-6 (R19-429)

PENNSYLVANIA RR Baldwin BP20 “Shark” and E7 Noses! (R19-441)

PENNSYLVANIA RR ALCo PA’s Crossing Rockville Bridge

PENNSYLVANIA RR #2226 GP30 (R18-386)

PENNSYLVANIA RR #4907 Tuscan red GG1 (R18-387)

PENNSYLVANIA RR GG1 crossing Raritan River on NY&LB

PENNSYLVANIA RR GG1 and LV ALCo PA1 at Weequahic, NJ (R18-367)

P&SR Petaluma & Santa Rosa #506 Electric Interurban (R21-545)

PM Pere Marquette E7 Rainy Day Scene (R17-321)

PRSL Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, Atlantic City (R18-414)

PRSL Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines Baldwin at Collingswood

Portland Terminal (Maine) vintage Alco HH600 (R21-536)

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RDG Reading RR 2-8-8-2 coal train pusher service (R13-101a)

RDG Reading RR ALCo RS3 at Hess Refinery

RDG Reading RR ALCo FA1s with freight train (R15-188)

RDG Reading RR F-M Train Master (R20-485)

RDG Reading RR Early Baldwin OE-7 Switcher (R22-575)

RDG Reading RR “The Crusader” 4-6-2 (R18-394)

RDG Reading RR ALCo C630 (R17-339)

RDG Reading RR SW1500 portrait (R21-551)

RF&P Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Fs at Alexandria (R16-271)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) “Rocky Mountain Rocket” (R14-145b)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) E8 with “Peoria Rocket” (R15-225)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) #603 “TA” Streamlined “Rocket” (R18-375)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) GP7 “Rocket” paint (R21-556)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) ALCo FA’s “Rocket Freight” Scene (R16-297)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) GP38-2 “The Rock” Blue/white! (R19-432)

ROCK ISLAND (CRI&P) Bicentennial E8 #652 (R16-254)

RUTLAND RR Alco RS3 (R22-590)

SANTA FE (see “AT&SF” near top of this list)

SAL Seaboard Air Line RS3’s in Action! (R19-457)

SAL Seaboard Air Line Rail Car #2028 (R22-600)

SAL Seaboard Air Line GP40 in Bright Apple Green Paint (R20-493)

SAL Seaboard Air Line Streamlined E4 with Passenger Train (R19-460)

SAL Seaboard Air Line 4-8-2 with the “Robert E. Lee”

SAL Seaboard Air Line ALCo FAs at Hamlet Station (R15-230)

SCL Seaboard Coast Line Alco C430 (R19-462)

SD&AE  San Diego & Arizona Eastern Carrizo Trestle scene (R21-529)

SLSF “FRISCO” St Louis-San Francisco E8s station scene (R15-189)

SLSF “FRISCO” St Louis-San Francisco 4-6-2 “Firefly” (R21-542)

SLSF “FRISCO” St Louis-San Francisco GP35u (R21-543)

SLSF “FRISCO” St Louis-San Francisco F-M Red H10-44 (R20-478)

SOO LINE RS3 dramatic close action view! (R15-180)

SOO LINE ALCo FA1 Scene (R17-310)

SOO LINE Baldwin DT6-6-20 Center-cab Transfer Diesel (R19-464)

SOO LINE GP30 portrait (R21-530)

SOIA Southern Iowa Boxcab Electric at Moravia, Scene (R17-341)

SRY Southern Railway ALCo DL109 in Crescent green scheme (R14-106b)

SRY Southern Railway ALCo Green PA2–E6, Passenger Train

SRY Southern Railway Black PA2 Snow Scene, Passenger Train (R18-406)

SP Southern Pacific ALCo DH643 Diesel-Hydraulic industrial scene

SP Southern Pacific SD40T-2  Tunnel Motor (R19-428)

SP Southern Pacific ALCo C630 in Action (R15-226)

SP Southern Pacific GS4 “Daylight” 4-8-4  Action! (R20-497)

SP Southern Pacific Cab-Forward 4-8-8-2 (R20-479)

SP Southern Pacific ALCo PA at Mt. Shasta (R17-328)

SP Southern Pacific
F-M H12-44 (R20-505)

SP Southern Pacific SDP45 at San Francisco Passenger Station (R22-617)

SP Southern Pacific E7 with “Daylight #10” (R22-580)

SP Southern Pacific F-units at Emigrant Gap, CA, snow scene (R16-251)

SP Southern Pacific (T&NO) ALCO PAs in “Daylight” Paint (R16-278)

SPSF  Southern Pacific-Santa Fe GP30 in “Kodachrome” Paint Scheme (R22-616)

SP&S Spokane, Portland & Seattle ALCo C425’s Action Scene (R14-150)

SP&S Spokane, Portland & Seattle ALCo RS1 (R21-549)

SP&S Spokane, Portland & Seattle ALCo FA’s Scenic (R16-304)

SSW “Cotton Belt” St Louis-Southwestern “Black Widow” FT’s (R19-451)

SSW “Cotton Belt” St Louis-Southwestern ALCo PAs, Mt. Pleasant, TX

SSW “Cotton Belt” St Louis-Southwestern Boxcars at Little Rock, AR (R16-295)

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TC Tennessee Central FA1, maroon, at Roundhouse (R16-270)

TEXAS-MEXICAN RY Vintage Boxcab Scene (R17-362)

T&P Texas & Pacific E7 with Passenger Train, at Ft. Worth (R16-255)

T&P Texas & Pacific The First Streamliner! (R17-332)

TP&W Toledo, Peoria & Western RS2; F3’s in background (R18-364)

T-SU Tulsa–Sapulpa Union Interurban Scene (R16-279)

UNION RR Baldwin Hybrid “Buffalos” Scene (R17-340)

UNION PACIFIC GE U50 Twin-engine Diesel action

UNION PACIFIC GE U50 #31 Portrait (R21-548)

UNION PACIFIC “City of Denver” Streamliner (R15-228)

UNION PACIFIC GE 44-Tonner Pocatello Switcher (R22-581)

UNION PACIFIC #1 Steam Turbine (R22-582)

UNION PACIFIC 650-Ton Coaling Tower, 4-6-6-4 Challenger (R16-265)

UNION PACIFIC #606 ALCo PA with Passenger Train (R16-282)

UNION PACIFIC Aerotrain “City of Las Vegas” (R18-369)

UNION PACIFIC 80 Alco PA1M Turbine Control Cab (R20-489)

UNION PACIFIC F-M H16-44 “Route of the Streamliners” (R20-502)

UNION PACIFIC #5016 GE U50C close-up!(R18-390)

UNION PACIFIC ALCo C855s, The Giants! (R18-365)

UNION PACIFIC 4-8-8-4 Big Boy taking on water

UNION PACIFIC 6900 DDA40X “Centennial” Diesel (R19-467)

UNION PACIFIC DDA40X “Centennial” Snow Scene (R14-171)

UNION PACIFIC Veranda Gas Turbine Loco

UNION PACIFIC Alco C855-B Monster (R22-579)

UNION PACIFIC Gas Turbine Loco #25 (R21-535)

UNION PACIFIC “The Rail Fan.” Beautiful girl Pin-up (R17-343)

UAC United Aircraft “Turbo-Train Demonstrator (R20-483)

UTAH Railway Alco RSD4’s with Coal Train (R22-591)

VTR Vermont Railway Alco RS1 Still in ex-Rutland Green (R22-599)

VGN Virginian Railway F-M H24-66 Train Master (R15-176)

VGN Virginian Railway “Jack Shaft” Boxcab Electrics  (R22-596)

VGN Virginian Railway EL-2B Streamlined Electrics (R19-465)

VAMD Virginia & Maryland C420 at Car Ferry (R16-293)

WAG Wellsville, Addison & Galeton GE Center-cab (R14-162) (see below)


WABASH ALCo PA’s Starry Night Scene

WABASH ALCo PAs “Cannonball” Passenger Train, Chicago

WABASH F-M Train Master (R21-546)

WABASH E8 #1009 with Passenger Train (R20-503)

WSL West Side Lumber Co. Shay #8 with Loaded Log Buggies

WM Western Maryland Alco FA's at Elkins, snow Scene! (R15-178)

WM Western Maryland Alco S4 Switcher At Work, Close-up! (R21-567)

WM Western Maryland Alco FA2 “Circus Paint!” (R18-405)

WM Western Maryland Baldwin AS16 on Turntable (R22-584)

WP Western Pacific F’s with California Zephyr Snow Scene! 

WP Western Pacific CA Zephyr at North Fork Viaduct (R20-488)

WP&Y White Pass & Yukon Alco RSD35 Narrow-Gauge (R21-571)

WP Western Pacific “Feather River” Canyon Running View (R18-398)

WP Western Pacific GP35 Silver/orange “Feather River” (R20-489)

YVT Yakima Valley Transportation Steeplecab Electric (R17-336)

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